Meet The Energy Experts Team

We’re a bit different from your average solar company. For us, it’s not about making a quick sale; it’s about helping you get the right system for your needs. We genuinely want you to get the best possible results. That’s why we deal in high-performance products, and partner with highly trained and experienced installers.

Meet Carolyn Lee
Founder and Director of Sales & Marketing

“We’re big on providing independent advice that’s right for our customers’ needs and I think this is why people are comfortable recommending us to others. I’m proud that we’re known for our consultative and honest approach.”

About Caro

Caro has been in the solar energy sector for 13 years.
After working for a number of solar companies and feeling frustrated that they didn’t look after clients as well as she would like, she founded The Energy Experts in 2012. Her vision was to create a business that helps people find the right solution for their unique situation, to only install high-performance products and to provide an awesome customer experience.
She’s big on educating customers on all things solar and is particularly passionate about getting quality components on people’s roofs.
She loves the disruptive nature of renewable energy and enjoys helping clients become less reliant on mainstream power and more self-sufficient, by producing their own energy, rather than relying on the grid.

Caro Loves:
Being part of a clean energy revolution that’s powered by the everyday Australian.
Caro hates:

Meet Wes Green
Director of Operations

“I love working in an industry that’s not only helping the environment but also helping everyday Australians to save money on their electricity bills. Investing in a high-quality system can be one of the most profitable and safest investments you can make.”

About Wes

Wes has worked in the electrical industry for over 20 years and has over 13 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.
Specialising in residential and commercial solar PV and hybrid & off-grid battery storage systems, he’s both a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installer and a licenced electrician.
Wes started his electrical career with Downer Engineering at Illawarra Steelworks (BlueScope/BHP) before advancing to an Electrical Supervisor and HSE Advisor for the construction of the local Tallawarra Power Station, where he quickly developed a passion for the fast-growing renewable energy sector.
For 7 years he worked for a leading geothermal company, where he was the remote Site Manager for a geothermal power station, which was the first in the world to use HFR technology. Solar technology continued to evolve, and it wasn’t long before Wes was involved in the solar power revolution.
Before becoming the Operations Director at The Energy Experts, Wes was the owner/Director of Australian Solar Designs – a successful and reputable solar company, which was later acquired by a large national solar company.
He’s won the NECA (National Electrical Communications Association) Individual Award of Excellence and also the ElectroComms Scholarship Award.

Wes Loves:
Creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for his family and the community.
Wes hates:

Meet Catherine Krajewski
Admin & Accounts Manager

“I joined the solar industry in 2019 and had to hit the ground running. It’s such an evolving and interesting sector that always keeps me on my toes. I love hearing from customers once their system has been installed for a few months and hearing them recount how pleased they are with their post-solar bill.”

About Cat

Cat is our go-to admin, accounts, system monitoring and Instagram expert. She takes care of all the back-end admin ‘stuff’ associated with getting approval for your system, booking your installation date, trading your solar rebate on the free market, setting up your monitoring for you and sorting out any pre- and post-installation queries.

We’d be lost without her.

Cat Loves:
Being part of the ever-changing industry that is solar.
Cat hates:
Children behaving badly (especially her own!).

Our Installation Team