Case Study

Harcourts Real Estate


We saved $1200 pa on our electricity bills!

Harcourts franchisees Michael Garside & Aimee Nicholls always liked the idea of installing solar, but were always too busy to actively seek out quotes. When approached by The Energy Experts, they were open to the idea of reducing their electricity bills.

Previous electricity bill Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 35kWh/day 15kWh/day 20kWh/day
Average cost: $775/qtr $400/qtr $375/qtr
Solar power system installed:
4.91kW system using SunPower 327W panels and a 5kW ABB inverter
We provided them with some estimates of how much they could expect to reduce their bill (just over half) and they decided to proceed with the installation of a 4.91kW SunPower system.

“We decided to go with a premium solar power system because our plan is to be here long term and we wanted to get a system that would keep on performing well into the future. We also have quite limited roof space, and SunPower was the only brand that would allow us to fit a 5kW system on the roof.” says Aimee Nicholls.

Harcourt’s usage is Monday-Saturday during daylight hours. With reasonably high bills and a roof facing due north, the company saw the benefits of installing a solar PV system.

“We’re really glad we made the move. Electricity is one overhead we don’t need to worry about anymore.” says Nicholls.