Case Study

Murray Smith


We wanted to get solar. It was just a question of finding the right system

Murray Smith and his partner Heidi were referred to The Energy Experts by a number of friends who’d had a very positive experience with their respective solar installations.

Previous electricity bill Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 10.40kWh/day 6.42kWh/day 3.98Wh/day
Average cost: $3.50/day $2.37/day 1.13kWh/day
Solar power system installed:
A 6.65kW system using LG panels and a SolarEdge optimised inverter solution

“Quality was probably the most important consideration for us, as we love our home and don’t plan to leave anytime soon, says Murray. We wanted a premium solar power system that was going to last. We live very close to the beach, and it can be quite a hostile climate, so we wanted equipment that would last. We also wanted a solution that was aesthetically-pleasing. We feel like we’ve ticked both boxes with the solution we’ve chosen.”

Murray and Heidi also wanted to achieve 2 goals.

“It was important to us to be able to do our thing environmentally, as well as mitigate the rising cost of electricity. The Energy Experts helped us achieve these goals. We’re very comfortable recommending them to everyone we know. It’s been a great experience.”

Previous Electricity Bill

Current Electricity Bill