6 08, 2019

Solar Low Interest Green Loan

2019-09-19T10:38:34+10:00Battery Storage, Solar Panels, Solar Power|

If you're short on cash or have your money invested elsewhere right now, Carolyn Lee (director at The Energy Experts) talks about how you can still install a high performance Solar Energy System and [...]

14 09, 2016

Solar for Business

2019-09-19T10:54:32+10:00Solar Panels|

Today I want to talk to you about solar power for businesses. This is an interesting one - so many businesses are yet to install solar power in  Australia - yet the potential is so huge. If [...]

7 09, 2016

Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Solar Power System

2019-09-19T10:56:39+10:00Solar Panels|

My top 5 tips on choosing the right solar power system for your needs. Tip 1 – Efficiency and future needs I'd like to invite you to think about your roof space as an [...]