Commercial Solar Hot Water – Tap Into the Power of the Sun

If your business consumes lots of hot water, getting your hot water for free from the sun makes a lot of sense.

For many businesses, heating water contributes to a significant portion of their total electricity costs. Installing a commercial solar hot water system can efficiently reduce a business’ water heating costs by between 50-90%*.

*This depends on hot water usage patterns, climate and location.

Solar Hot Water Benefits for Your Business:

  • reduce your water heating costs by 15-40%
  • low maintenance and reliable
  • adds value to your business
  • lowers your carbon footprint
  • Australia has the ideal climate for solar hot water
  • Over 900,000 solar hot water systems installed nationwide (Clean Energy Australia Report 2014)
  • There are still government rebates available. The more efficient your system, the higher the government rebate. For most solar hot water systems, the RECs/STCs (government rebate) is around $1100

What Are the Different Types of Solar Hot Water Systems?

There are 2 types of collectors you can choose from:

Flat Panel and Evacuated Tube Collectors

Flat panel solar collectors

Flat plate solar hot water collectors are ideal for those on a budget and in areas that are not affected by frost. These systems work on copper pipes running through a glass covered collector, sometimes connected to a water storage tank on the roof, though usually the storage tank is on the ground. The sun heats the copper pipes and the resulting hot water is fed back to the storage tank.

Evacuated tube solar collectors

This type of solar hot water system is higher efficiency and better suited to frost-prone areas, as they don’t crack when the temperature drops below freezing.

Evacuated tube systems can extract the heat out of the air on a humid day and don’t need direct sunlight. The total efficiency is higher and they perform better than flat panel systems when the sun is not directly on the collectors. eg. early in the morning or in the late afternoon. As well as being more efficient, they’re also more durable and cheaper to repair.

Evacuated tube solar hot water systems consists of two glass tubes that are fused at the top and bottom. The space between the two tubes is evacuated to form a vacuum. A copper pipe running through the centre of the tube meets a common manifold that is then connected to a slow flow circulation pump that pumps water to a storage tank below. This heats the water during the day. Because the tank is so well insulated, the water stays hot for a number of days.

With both types of systems, the sun generally provides sufficient heat to give you plenty of hot water for most of the year, but when there are a number of cold days, your system will need a helping hand (most likely in winter).  This is where your electric or gas booster comes in. This heats the water when there’s not quite enough heat in the sun to do the job.

Recommended Solar Hot Water Systems for Businesses

If your business is on a tight budget, not in a frost prone area and you’re happy with a standard warranty, we’d definitely suggest a flat plate system. The brands we recommend are EnviroSun (previously known as Conergy), Chromagen and Dux.

For businesses that are based in a frost-prone area, we’d only recommend an evacuated tube system. The best brands on the market are Apricus, SolarArk and Rinnai.

Apricus and SolarArk come with the longest warranties.

How Much Do Solar Hot Water Systems Cost?

The Energy Experts can advise you of most effective solar hot water system for your requirements. It’s a complex area and we would prefer that you call us for a quote and establish your specific requirements.

Can I Divert Some of My Solar Energy to My Hot Water System?

If you have a solar power system that’s producing more electricity than your business is using during the day, you might want to consider a CATCH Power solar energy diverter. With this clever device, you can divert some or all of the surplus solar energy that your system is sending to the grid to your electric or solar hot water system(s) instead. Fully installed, they’re only  $1,700 per hot water system (plus any travel costs).

This makes a lot of sense, as you’re fully utilising the solar energy from your solar power system and it’s a low-cost investment. Get in touch if you’d like us to install a CATCH Power unit for you.

Who Should I Choose To Install My Business’ Solar Hot Water System?

We recommend having your system installed by a company that’s been installing commercial solar hot water systems for at least 5 years and consistently receives good (independent) reviews on solar hot water comparison websites.

Our solar hot water installers have a reputation for excellence and are very competitively priced. Get a quote on a flat panel or evacuated tube solar hot water system today.

Solar Hot Water Quotes for Business

 The Energy Experts fast-track the quoting process for you by sourcing multiple competitive quotes on your behalf from local, professional solar hot water installation companies.

Although our home base is in the Illawarra, we have reputable and experienced installers in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, NSW South Coast, Sutherland Shire and Greater Sydney.

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