Most businesses use the bulk of their electricity during daylight hours (running machinery, air-conditioners, lighting, computers, photocopiers, refrigerators etc). With the installation of a quality solar power system, most businesses can reduce their electricity bills by 50-75%.

  1. Solar helps businesses cut their energy bills and protects against rising electricity prices.
  2. The panels on your roof generate power during the day, which you can use for free (even if it’s a cloudy day, your panels still produce power). 2nd source of energy.
  3. There are still generous government rebates available to businesses. The Federal government contributes as much as $78,000 on commercial solar power systems!
  4. You’ll get benefit out of the system if:
    – you use at least 50% of your electricity during daylight hours
    – you pay at least 18c/kWh for your power, your bills are $1,000-$20,000/qtr  and your roof space is unshaded
  1. Payback (an average size solar system for an SME (10kW), costs around $13,500; net saving: approx. $48,000 over 10 years; payback approx. 3.1 years).