17 08, 2016

How do I get the most out of my solar power system?


Here are my top 10 tips on getting the greatest benefit out of solar: Be guided by your orientation: your panels produce the most electricity between (N-facing: 10am and 3pm; E-facing: 8am & 1pm; W-facing: 11am-4pm), so try to use your washing machine, dishwasher, pool, dryer, air-con, etc during these hours [...]

17 08, 2016

Are batteries included when I buy a solar power system?


Batteries are available but at this stage generally do not come standard when you buy a solar power system. They’re becoming more popular and certainly cheaper than they were a few years ago. As the cost comes down, you’ll find that bundle deals (including panels, inverter and batteries) will become standard.

17 08, 2016

Do I get to use the solar energy I generate?


Yes – you use the solar electricity your system generates, as it’s being generated. This means you buy less electricity from the grid. Example: You consume 10kWh/day. You buy a system which produces 7kWh/day. You use this 7kWh and then buy 3kWh from the grid. Therefore, the amount of electricity you [...]

17 08, 2016

How does solar work in NSW?


Instead of buying your power from the grid, you get it direct from your own power source: the sun. The panels on your roof generate electricity during daylight hours, which you get to use for free (if you’re not home much during the day, it’s easy to program appliances to run [...]