As the weather gets warmer, we tend to chew up a lot of power trying to cool things down. But we’re paying a higher and higher price for that comfort as electricity tariffs continue to increase. Try our top tips for using less power this summer and save your hard-earned cash.

Energy-saving tips for the warmer months

Insulation = protection. Insulating your home properly can make a big difference to your comfort levels (keeping your home up to 10 degrees cooler in summer, and 7 degrees warmer in winter) and a big difference to your power bills.  There’s a range of insulation products available on the market and choosing the right type and installer is important.

Make sure your home is well-ventilated. More than half of your electricity can get chewed up heating and cooling your home. Installing a whole-of-house ventilation system can cut these costs dramatically. If the upstairs of your house gets hot, you might want to look at getting a solar roof ventilation and exhaust fan unit. Up to 20 times more effective than a whirlybird, these are specially designed for Australian roofs and can operate without mains electricity. Contact us to explore your options.

Check your air conditioner.  When was the last time your air conditioning unit was serviced? Is the filter clean? Is the outside part of it kept cool in the shade? Is it set to circulate cool air rather than pull warm air in from outside? You want your system to run as efficiently as possible, so it’s worth checking these things. Remember too that the cooler you run the air conditioner, the more power it uses and the more it costs you. Could you turn it up by 1 degree and still feel comfortable?

Take a look at your swimming pool.  It’s using power all day long. It makes perfect sense to use solar power to run it, instead of power from the grid. All you need is to run your pool during the day and it can run for free. Also look at installing a more energy efficient pool pump.

Shut out the heat. As soon as the sun’s rays hit your house, they start heating it up. Preventing the sun from hitting your windows by installing outdoor awnings (especially on west-facing windows) is a smart idea. Closing your blinds and curtains will also help.

Use the sun!  When the sun is shining on your house, it’s throwing free energy at you. Why not use it? Capture that energy with solar panels and you can use it to run your air conditioning as well as everything else in your home that uses power during the day.

Dust off the barby. Using your BBQ to cook dinner instead of your stove will save you some power. It tastes great too!