What is Solar Pool Heating?

Solar pool heating systems quite simply pump pool water through a filter and then through a series of solar collectors, which heat the water before returning it to the pool.

Why Heat My Pool With Solar Pool Heating?

You can double your swimming season time and significantly reduce the cost of heating your pool by installing a solar pool heater. Solar pool heating units are affordable to buy and can be quite cheap to run.

Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Yes – if the unit is sized appropriately. A lot of people try to save money by installing a smaller solar pool heating system, but this tends to be a false economy, with your water not being sufficiently heated for you to want to use the pool.

How Does A Solar Pool Heating System Work?

Most solar pool heating systems include:
solar collectors – the pool water is pushed through these collectors, which heat the water from the sun
a filter – this removes any debris such as leaf litter, before the water is pumped through the collectors
a pump – this circulates the water through the filter and collector and back to the pool
a flow control valve – this device diverts pool water through the solar collectors
The pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collectors, where it’s heated before being returned to the pool.


Solar pool heater collectors should ideally be oriented north, north-west or west. It’s best to choose a roof space with minimal shading.

Swimming Pool With Solar Pool Heating

What Are the Different Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems?

There are a number of systems you can choose from:

Rigid panels – if you have plenty of suitable roof space, the rigid panels are the way to go, as they are very durable (cockatoo-proof and hail-proof, not just cockatoo–resistant and hail-resistant). If you buy a premium brand, you’ll find that they come with a 25 year warranty (full replacement warranty for the first 12 years; pro rata for remaining 13 years).

Rubber/strip matting – generally best avoided, as these pool heating systems are not cockatoo-proof or hail-proof. Cockatoos love them!

Evacuated tubes – the same concept as evacuated tube solar hot water systems; quite an expensive way to heat a pool

Heat pumps – are a very effective way to heat a pool. Many people who have solar panels on the roof choose a heat pump to heat their pool water, because heat pumps can be run on a timer so they run during the day when the solar panels are producing free electricity. Homes with limited suitable roof space will often install a pool heat pump, as they take up very little space on the ground (about the same as an electric hot water system).

Gas – this used to be the go-to pool heating solution, but as the cost of gas has gone up exponentially over the last few years, many people are looking at alternate pool heating solutions.

By How Much Will It Extend My Swimming Season?

As a general rule, solar heating will extend the swimming season of your pool by around 4-6 weeks either side of your regular season.

How Warm Will My Pool Get With Solar Pool Heating?

Solar pool heating systems generally warm the water temperature by around 5-8ᵒ C. The temperature increase depends on a few different factors:

. the number of solar collectors
. how much the roof and/or pool are affected by shade
. the pitch and orientation of the roof where your panels are located
. the type of pool heating you have chosen (rigid panel, strip matting, heat pump)
. whether you use a pool blanket/cover

What Size and Type of Pool Heating System Should I Buy?

This depends on:

• your pool size (litres)
• how long you want your swimming season to last
• your desired pool temperature
• the region you live (warm or cool climate)
• the amount of available roof space
• the orientation and pitch of suitable roof space
• whether or not you’re prepared to use a pool blanket/cover

This is where The Energy Experts can guide you in choosing the right solar pool heating system for your home. Let us do the hard work for you in choosing the right type and size of solar pool heating system for your needs. Get a quote today.

How Much Do Solar Pool Heating Systems Cost?

To have a solar pool heating system supplied and installed generally costs between around $3,500 and $7,000. The cost of the system depends on the size of your pool:

Your pool size System size System price
Small pool (30m3) 9kW heat pump;
17 rigid panels


Medium pool (45m3) 13kW heat pump;
36 rigid panels


Large pool (60m3) 21kW heat pump;
48 x 132 rigid panels


These prices are indicative only. Additional costs may apply.

Almost all the costs of solar pool heating are upfront. Once installed, it costs less than a dollar a day to run solar pool heating. Heat pumps are more expensive to run ($250-$750/year), although if you have solar panels on your roof, your heat pump can run for free if it operates at the time when your solar panels are working.

We can help you choose the most effective solar pool heating system for your requirements. Just get in touch and ask for a quote.

Solar Pool Heating Quotes

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