Why Use a Broker
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Why Use A Broker?

The whole point of using a brokering service is to save you time. We do all the legwork for you, sourcing multiple competitive quotes on your behalf from a number of different companies.

Going through a broker also saves you money, as we have cherry picked local companies who are not only a pleasure to deal with but also have the best offers.

We consistently get feedback from customers saying that by using an energy-saving broker, they felt like they had more choice of equipment and they liked the fact that they weren’t hounded by multiple installers.

There are currently 12 different companies that we work with across NSW. As we bring in business for them that they otherwise wouldn’t get, they provide us with pricing a little above wholesale. We’re not greedy with what we ask for, so we sell well-below retail.

Through this brokering arrangement, you win by getting a system professionally installed at a very reasonable price, our installers get business they otherwise wouldn’t get and we’re able to run a successful business based on volume.