Why Use A Broker?


The reason people choose a brokering service is to save time. We do all the legwork for you, sourcing multiple competitive quotes on your behalf from a number of different companies.

Going through a broker also saves you money, as we’ve cherry picked local companies who are not only a pleasure to deal with but also have the best offers.

We consistently get feedback from customers saying that using our brokering service was invaluable, as it saved them time and they were able to tap into our vast expertise, without getting hounded by multiple installers.

In our network, we have numerous experienced local, family-operated solar and battery-trained installers with in-house installation teams (no subbies) that are in the Australian Solar Council’s network of Master Installers. Because we bring in a steady flow of new business, our installers provide us with very competitive pricing. Even with our commission factored in to the cost of your system, you get a system professionally installed for below retail pricing, making it a win-win for everyone.