Case Study

Stephen Young


No technical problems and much lower bills

“I got four quotes and Caro from The Energy Experts was the best salesperson I dealt with. She showed a genuine interest in my usage figures and did not try to sell me a bigger system than I needed says Stephen.

“She had a clear understanding of the technology and the broader industry such as the looming battery revolution. Her quote was also the cheapest for the quality and capacity I chose, so the decision to go with The Energy Experts was easy.

The installation team she recommended was a pleasure to deal with – they communicated well, turned up on time and I have not needed any follow up. The team were competent and patient answering all my questions. We are very happy with the solar PV – no technical problems and much lower bills“.

Previous electricity bill Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 27kWh/day 7kWh/day 20Wh/day
Average cost: $5.60/day $2.00/day $3.00/day
Solar power system installed:
5.22kW system with SunPower panels, SMA inverter and LG battery
“In August 2015 I switched to energy providers (Powershop) and introduced some energy saving measures in the house based using an Efergy energy monitor. eg. I discovered that leaving my desktop PC on 24/7 was using more than I thought”, says Stephen.

“We had our system installed on 6 November 2015. From mid-December to mid-January, we had lot of people staying over Christmas. Note that this usage includes off-peak hot water which of course is unaffected by the solar PV. From my meter readings, this off-peak is fairly steady at about 7kWh per day”.

The graph below illustrates the power consumption before and after the solar installation:

To learn about Stephen’s experience with Reposit Power, a clever Australian-made technology that’s rapidly hastening the payback period of his battery storage investment, take a look at the video below: