Today I want to talk to you about solar power for businesses. This is an interesting one – so many businesses are yet to install solar power in  Australia – yet the potential is so huge.

If you’d like to reduce your electricity bills by between 50 to 75% solar can allow you to do that. Solar can help businesses cut their energy costs and also protect themselves from rising electricity prices.

Most businesses run their appliances such as machinery, air conditioning, lighting and photocopiers all during daylight hours and this is when solar panels are actually producing electricity.

The solar panels on your roof generate electricity during the day which you can use for free. If you think about it, at the moment you’ve got one energy source which is the grid but when you get solar panels you turn a second energy source on which is the sun.

There are generous government rebates available for commercial solar systems – up to $78,000 – it’s not small fry at all.

You’ll get a huge benefit out of solar if :

  • you use the bulk of your electricity during the day, at least 50%
  • you pay at least eighteen cents a kilowatt hour which most businesses do
  • you pay somewhere between $525,000 per quarter and
  • your roof space is large and mostly unshaded

The payback on solar is quick these days it’s around about 3-4 years so you’ll find on a typical system for a small to medium-sized enterprise which is about 10 kilowatts the paybacks about 3 years and the savings are close to $50,000 over 10 years.

Why wouldn’t you do it?

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