Case Study

Ryan Martin and family


The system consistently exceeds my expectations. I’m really happy with the service, products and performance I’ve received from The Energy Experts

Ryan Martin is the type of guy who does his homework before making a large purchasing decision. He was adamant to “buy the best quality solar power system” he could, to “go local” to get good after-sales service and “support local”. He also wanted solid technical advice, so he’d be comfortable he was getting a system that suited his budget and his household longer-term. He wanted the ability to easily add an electric vehicle, battery storage and smart home automation and also wanted to be able to expand his system in the future.

“I looked for local suppliers in Kiama and The Energy Experts made contact promptly. Right away, I felt at ease. I wanted a high-performance system that would deliver maximum solar production and eliminate my bills,” says Ryan. “I recognised this is what they specialise in. I found The Energy Experts tailored a specific solution for my home, which we’ve been incredibly happy with.”

Previous electricity bill Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 24.31kWh/day 9.83kWh/day 14.48Wh/day
Average cost: $643.25/qtr -$88.99/qtr 732.24kWh/day
Solar power system installed:
LG NeON2 panels and SolarEdge optimized inverter technology
Long before he installed solar, Ryan recognised that it’s worth paying a bit more upfront for solar, as it’s a long-term investment which continues to deliver savings long after it’s paid for itself. Ryan says: “After speaking with The Energy Experts team and doing my own independent research, we quickly settled on what panels and inverter technology we wanted to install (LG NeON2 panels and SolarEdge optimized inverter technology), as well as the system size and the panel orientation that best suited my needs. I loved that this was all discussed and decided on together.”

With a number of suitable roof spaces to choose from, we guided Ryan on installing his solar panels facing north and west to take advantage of the sunlight across the entire day. This way, he could still power his air-conditioning free from the sun until quite late in the day.

“The installation team did a very tidy job of installing and commissioning the system,” says Ryan. “They were very approachable and were happy to discuss and explain the products and installation. The whole team made it incredibly easy for us to install a high quality solar power system that will service us for decades to come.”