Solar Business Packages

Every business has a different energy profile. We take the time to understand your current and likely future usage (with your permission, we can access interval data where we can see the site’s energy production in 15-minute intervals). This helps us create a solution that delivers the quickest return on investment.

As part of the scoping process, we’ll visit your site to assess cable runs/access, optimal inverter and/or battery replacement, best panel placement, etc. This will allow us to provide you with a tailored proposal that outlines the cost-benefit analysis, return on investment and expected savings. We’ll work with you to provide you with a solution that ticks your boxes as far as budget and ROI goes.

You can expect to have your system supplied and installed within 4 weeks of providing us with confirmation that you’d like to proceed.

How much does commercial solar cost?

How much commercial solar costs depends on the size and type of system you buy. The Energy Experts can advise you on the most effective solar power system for your requirements. Indicative pricing for our current range of systems is below:

Your usage System size High quality system pricing
(After STCs inc GST)
Premium system pricing
(After STCs inc GST)
Expected annual savings Return on Investment*
Small user
10kW system $8,300 $11,700 $3,500 2.3 – 3.3 years*
Medium user
20kW system $13,700 $20,500 $7,000 2 – 2.9 years*
Large user
50kW system $27,800 $45,500 $17,500 1.5 – 2.6 years*
Industrial user
100kW system $49,900** $85,200** $35,000 1.4 – 2.4 years*

* Assumes tariff is 24c/kWh inc GST; that electricity tariffs will increase by 5% p.a.; 100% of solar energy produced will be self-consumed; panels will degrade at .025% p.a.

** Does not include the cost of a DA (approx. $1,000) an Engineers Certificate (approx. $1,300) and network protection for systems over 30kW (approx. $5,500) if required.

Gold System: Jinko ‘Tiger’ monocrystalline 415W panels; Fronius inverter
Premium system: REC Alpha monocrystalline 400W panels; Fronius inverter

We make installing solar easy

We’re a bit different from your average solar company. For us, it’s not about making a quick sale; it’s about helping you get the right system for your needs.