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Quinn Family


First full quarter electricity bill received and we’re in credit

Sandy and Mick share the house with Sandy’s Mum who lives at the far end of the house. They used to get 2 separate bills. When we installed their solar, we amalgamated the 2 meters so now they just receive the one bill and their solar panels look after the entire house.

Previous electricity bills Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 76.35kWh/day 19.97kWh/day 56.38Wh/day
Average cost: $17.30/day -$2.91/day $20.21/day
Solar power system installed:
20kW system using LG panels and a Fronius inverter
The Quinn household used to dread getting their electricity bills, which typically exceeded $2000/quarter. Sandy’s elderly Mum lives at one end of the house and has the air-conditioning on a lot over summer and winter. The couple decided enough was enough and that they would invest in solar.

Sandy says: “Our aim was to generate enough electricity to run two houses. Our property consists of our 3 bedroom house and an additional house with 2 bedrooms where my Mum lives. We also wanted to have excess electricity to feed into the grid and for future batteries.”

Although they have a massive roof, their massive electricity bills meant they needed to think twice about what panels they’d install.

“We decided on a 20kW system using LG panels and a Fronius inverter, larger than what we were originally going to install, but with a total of 5 fridges, a pool, 2 ducted air conditioning systems and all electrical appliances, a 20kW system was the way to go,” says Sandy. “It’s a decision we did not regret.”

Sandy and Mick had a lot of questions about how solar works. They’re now much clearer on how to get the most out of their system and have become adept negotiators when it comes to haggling for the best Solar Feed-In Tariff with their energy retailer. They’ve recommended numerous neighbours, friends and family since getting their system installed.

“The installers were very professional and left our home spotless. They helped me download and log into the Fronius Solar Web app, and we could see what we were generating from Day One. We’d highly recommend The Energy Experts to anyone that wants to use a company that is not only passionate about what they do and strongly believe in renewable energy like we do, but know what they’re talking about.”

Previous Electricity Bills

Current Electricity Bill