SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge inverters break the mould of traditional solar inverters. They offer a future-proofed solution that means you won’t be cornered as technology continues to evolve. SolarEdge DC Optimiser technology is more efficient (99.5%), comes with a much longer warranty than other inverter types and is compatible with a broader range of batteries than micro-inverters or string inverters.

Best of all, the system is extremely safe and if there’s ever a fault, the system automatically shuts down and advises you that it’s done so. This means you don’t need to wait until your next electricity bill to arrive to see if you have an issue with an aspect of your system. You pick up on it right away.

Why The Energy Experts Recommend SolarEdge Inverters

  • Future-proofing:
    • SolarEdge allows for smart home automation, and electric vehicle charging (either SolarEdge or a third-party brand).
    • A broader range of battery storage brands to choose from than both string and micro-inverters (including SolarEdge’s own 10kWh Home Battery).
    • The ability to easily expand your system by up to 300% in the future without having to update your inverter.
    • The ability to bypass the grid operator from turning your system down or off when there’s too much surplus solar energy being exported in the middle of the day (this is possible when you install a battery).
  • Shade – SolarEdge DC Optimiser technology offers individual panel performance (ie. other panels won’t be affected if one is impacted by shade, bird poo, leaf litter or 1 panel is underperforming). They each work to their individual optimum.
  • System visibility – with SolarEdge, you get individual panel monitoring via an app on your phone or PC, so you can see how each of your panels is performing at any given time. You can also get solar production vs household energy consumption in real-time. If ever there’s an issue with one of your panels or optimisers, you get sent an alert and we do too, so you can resolve the issue right away.
  • Warranty – with SolarEdge, you get a very reliable and efficient inverter and a longer warranty than any other inverter technology (25 years on the optimisers and 12 years on the inverter; extendable to 25 years, compared to the average inverter warranty of 10 years).
  • System expansion – you can easily expand your system expansion down the track. This is because panel mismatch isn’t an issue, given each panel works independently of the others. When the time comes to add batteries, you can keep your existing inverter and expand your system by as much as 300%.
  • Safety – with a SolarEdge system, when the AC breaker is disconnected or the inverter is off/disconnected, the optimisers automatically shut down the voltage in the string wires to a touch-safe DC voltage. This makes SolarEdge one of the safest systems on the market.