Solar Panel Cost

Solar panel cost very much depends on the quality, size and type of solar system you buy. As well as considering the upfront cost of solar for your home or business, it’s also important that you ask “how much power will my solar panel system produce over its lifetime?”. Solar energy is a long-term investment, so while the upfront cost is obviously important, it’s certainly not the only consideration.

The ‘buy once, buy right’ approach is a much smarter way to go than buying cheap.

The amount of power that a solar power system produces directly relates to its cost. High-quality solar panels have superior lifespans, slower rates of degradation and they produce significantly more power – not just on bright, sunny days, but in all weather conditions. Installing entry-level (cheap) solar panels and inverter technology may mean you spend less and achieve a slightly quicker upfront return, but you won’t achieve the long-term gain that a high-performance product offers.

What does a good quality solar power system cost?

If you’d like to understand what a good quality system should cost (once the government solar rebate has been deducted), use this as your guide (as of August 2022):

Your usage System size Can save
you up to
String system
pricing from:
Optimised system
pricing from:
String system
pricing from:
Optimised system
pricing from:
Small user
5kW system $500/qtr * $5,090 $6,550 $7,490 $7,890 3-4 years*
Medium user
6.6kW system $650/qtr* $5,900 $7,350 $8,975 $9,450 3-4 years*
Large user
10kW system $1,000/qtr* $8,250 $10,390 $12,790 $13,890 3-3.5 years*
Extra Large user
15kW system $1,500/qtr* $10,890 $14,150 $16,990 $18,890 3-3.5 years*

Pricing is after STCs has been deducted. Additional charges may apply (double storey, tiled roof, split array, tilt frames, kliplok roof clamps, and battery storage).
*Payback assumes you use 100% of your solar energy.

Gold String System: Jinko 440W panels; SunGrow battery-compatible inverter
Gold Optimised System: Jinko 415W panels; SolarEdge DC Optimisers, SolarEdge Home Hub battery-ready inverter
Premium String System: REC Alpha Pure R 410W panels; Fronius Gen24 compatible inverter
Premium Optimised System: REC Alpha Pure R 410W panels; SolarEdge DC Optimisers, SolarEdge Home Hub battery-ready inverter (plus SolarEdge Genesis inverters with 10kW and 15kW systems)

All system pricing includes solar production vs household consumption monitoring.

Solar panel costs
Why you might choose to pay a little bit more

Investing in solar energy makes sense if you buy good quality equipment that’s built to perform and built to last. We’d encourage you to consider more than just the upfront cost. Like anything you buy, you get what you pay for. Solar is no different. Not all solar systems are created equal, and interestingly, the difference in payback time between a lesser quality system and a high-performance system is typically less than 12 months.

Our advice is always to go with the highest quality components you can afford. They’re much more efficient, last longer and have a longer warranty that’s backed by a large multinational company. They’ll produce more power and save you more money over the short, medium and long term.

Return On Investment

High-performance solar panels/inverter technology provides a positive Return On Investment (ROI) in as little as 3.5 years. For premium solar equipment, the ROI is closer to 4-5 years, although premium systems will save you more money over the longer term due to their higher performance and a slower rate of degradation.

How much will my solar panel system cost?

The Energy Experts can guide you in choosing the right solar power system for your home for your requirements and your budget. We just need some basic information from you, like:

  • How much electricity you’re currently using each quarter.
  • How your future usage will differ from your current usage.
  • What you’re expecting to achieve by installing solar.
  • How much available roof space do you have.

The Federal government is still making a generous contribution towards the cost of solar systems – close to 30% of the overall cost – around $3,150 for a 6.6kW system.

We make installing Solar Easy

We get a clear understanding of your current and future needs and properly size/professionally install a system that’s guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment.

Don’t think you can afford the solar panel system cost?

It’s actually likely that you can afford a high-performance system with a Low-Interest Green Loan. Under this arrangement, the reduction in your bill by having solar installed and you using this free power during the day (and/or exporting your excess energy at a decent rate) can outweigh your loan repayments. ie. you can be in a better financial position than you are now without solar.

At the end of the loan period, you own the system outright and your savings increase significantly. Best of all, at the end of the loan period, the system is yours.