System Monitoring and Warranty Support

Some solar power systems offer much greater visibility than others when it comes to their performance. With older systems, it can be difficult to see how much power system is generating and many clients aren’t all that clear on how much solar energy their system should be producing each day.

If you think your system may be underperforming and you’d like a System Health Check; or you need warranty support with a system we’ve installed, we can help.

Solar System Monitoring

The Energy Experts can remotely monitor your system to ensure it’s working exactly as expected. Clients can also choose to pay a small fee each month to confirm the system is operating optimally. Depending on the system you install, we can check the performance of each and every panel remotely.

For example, we check the SolarEdge monitoring portal weekly. There are sometimes issues, mostly trivial, but on occasion more serious. As part of our service, we alert our customers if there is an issue, and can often rectify it remotely.

Our premium support packages start from $1/day, contact us today for more information.

Solar Warranty Support

If for any reason you have an issue with any part of your solar system, we will take care of any warranty claim on your behalf. When we install your solar system, we register it to activate your warranty, so we already have access to all of the information we need, taking away any hassle for you.