Case Study

Express Smash Repairs

Oak Flats

Our ROI came in under 4 years!

Sandra Potts who manages Express Smash Repairs approached The Energy Experts for help in reducing her company’s electricity bills. The business’ usage is almost exclusively during daylight hours Monday-Saturday.

Previous electricity bill Current electricity bill Savings
Average consumption: 109kWh/day 36.5kWh/day 72.5kWh/day
Average cost: $1,900/qtr $320/qtr 1,580$/qtr
Solar power system installed:
26kW system using Trina 260W panels and a 27kW ABB inverter
With big electricity bills and roof space facing both north and west, the business was a prime candidate for installing a significant size solar PV system.

After analysing the company’s electricity bills The Energy Experts determined that a 26kW system was the most appropriate size, as it would allow the business to offset all of its daytime consumption and feed some surplus energy back into the grid with the view to install a battery storage solution by 2019, when the cost of batteries is financially viable. It also allowed for the extra energy usage that a new spray booth would consume.

As well as installing a 26kW system (using Trina 260W panels and a 27kW ABB inverter), the team also installed a complete Solar Analytics energy monitoring solution. Each month, Express Smash Repairs receives a detailed report outlining their system’s production versus the business’ energy consumption. We also receive this information and can see the seasonal fluctuations and if the system has been compromised in any way. eg. bird droppings on a panel.

“My husband and I had already installed solar power on our home through Carolyn Lee from The Energy Experts” says Sandra Potts, Operations Manager at Express Smash Repairs.

“We saw how much our bills came down as soon as the system was installed. I suggested to my boss that he also look at installing a system, as I’d noticed that the bills had kept going up over the last few years. He was open to the idea as long as the ROI was less than 5 years.

With the deal we were able to negotiate through The Energy Experts, our ROI actually came in under 4 years. We’ve been really pleased with the service we received and find the monthly monitoring data we get very useful.”