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Government Solar Rebates

A lot of people aren’t aware that there’s still a sizable rebate available when you buy a solar power system in Australia.

Here are a few things that you may not be aware of when it comes to the rebate scheme:

  • As part of the government rebate, STCs (or Small-Scale Technology Certificates) are created.
  • The number of certificates is calculated based on where and when the system is installed and the size of the system. The bigger the system, the bigger the rebate. You can get the STC rebate for any residential solar panel system under 30kW.
  • The number of these certificates reduces every year – until 2030 when the scheme will come to an end. This phase-out is designed to encourage you to install a system sooner rather than later.
  • You must have your system fully installed by the end of the calendar year in order to take advantage of the current number of certificates on offer.
  • The value of the certificates fluctuates, depending on supply and demand. Think of STCs as being a renewable energy currency; much like shares on the stock market.
  • On the day of installation, you’ll be asked by your installer to sign a form that assigns the rebate to the installer. By doing this, you only have to pay the out-of-pocket cost.
The Government rebate currently contributes to almost 30% of the overall cost of a system. Think of this as an up-front discount when you purchase a solar power system for your home.

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