Solar Inverter Cost

Solar panel cost very much depends on the quality, size and type of solar system you buy. As well as considering the upfront cost of solar for your home or business, it’s also important that you ask “how much power will my solar panel system produce over its lifetime?”. Solar energy is a long-term investment, so while the upfront cost is obviously important, it’s certainly not the only consideration.

If you’re going to spend a bit more money on an aspect of your solar power system, our advice is to spend this on the inverter technology, as it will last longer, convert more electricity into a format you can use in your home and give you more future-proofing options as technology continues to evolve

Invest in a future-proofed inverter

Future-proofing your tech can protect you from shelling out for new equipment when your energy needs change. eg. you decide to buy an electric vehicle that consumes lots of power to charge, you can keep your existing inverter and expand your system by up to 300%* (assuming you have the roof space to do this). It ensures you get full use out of your system, maximises your savings and recoups your investment faster. A future-proofed inverter keeps your home safe and operational, even if the grid goes down.

* when you install SolarEdge batteries.

Some questions to ask yourself when thinking about which inverter to install:

  • Do you think you’ll buy an electric vehicle in the next 5 years as they come down in price?
  • Do you want to be able to easily and cost-effectively add solar battery storage when they drop in price?
  • Do you want the option of easily expanding your system down the track?
  • Do you want a broad range of solar batteries to choose from?
  • Do you want to migrate away from gas to electricity for environmental or cost reasons, meaning your electricity usage will increase?
  • Would you like full visibility of your system, so you know right away if something isn’t working exactly as it should?
  • How important is it to you to have blackout protection when the grid becomes unstable?

If your inverter is solar-only, keep in mind that if you want to add battery storage in the not-too-distant future, you’ll have to buy an AC-coupled battery, which can be quite expensive and currently there aren’t many options to choose from. You can future-proof your system now by choosing a battery-ready inverter such as SolarEdge’s Energy Hub inverter technology or SolarEdge’s new 3-phase hybrid inverter range.

Solar inverter
What will it cost?

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