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Solar Pool Heaters

While Australia is blessed with lots of sunshine, our pools aren’t necessarily warm enough to swim year-round. As a result, pool heating systems are very popular.

Different types of pool heaters

There are a number of pool heating systems you can choose from.

DualSun – a 2-in-1 pool heating and solar PV solution that simultaneously heats your pool water and cools your solar panels. This improves the thermal performance of your panels by up to 50%, helping them work at their optimal efficiency. Ideal for people with limited roof space who want to heat their pool and offset their household usage at the same time. The Energy Experts is proud to be the NSW DualSun Distributor.
DualSun pool heater system on the roof of Lochlea Estate
Solar pool heater system on a flat roof
Rigid panels – if you have plenty of suitable roof space, rigid panels are a good way to go, as they are very durable (cockatoo-resistant and hail-resistant). If you buy a premium brand, you’ll find that they come with a 10-year warranty.
Rubber/strip matting – there’s a range of strip matting available on the Australian market from woeful to very good. If you have a lot of birdlife in your area, then these systems are generally best avoided, as they’re not cockatoo-proof.
Heat Pumps – are a very effective way to heat a pool, but it’s really important to choose an efficient model with inverter technology. Otherwise, they can be very expensive to run. Many people who have solar panels on the roof choose a heat pump to heat their pool water, because heat pumps can be run on a controller or a timer so they run for free during the day when solar panels are operating. Homes with limited suitable roof space will often install a pool heat pump, as these units take up very little space on the ground (about the same as an air-conditioner).
Our recommended heat pumps have picked up a raft of awards at the recent SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association of NSW & ACT) Awards. SPASA is the peak industry body representing hundreds of businesses within the pool and spa industry. The unit’s efficiency is between 30-50% higher than conventional heat pumps (i.e. it uses up to 50% less power). It takes 1–2 days to achieve the set temperature, then it goes into silent mode, where it consumes less power. These units come with a longer warranty and have higher grade components than any other heat pump on the Australian market. Because they’re considerably cheaper to run than conventional heat pumps, they’re very popular.

Keep in mind that if you want to install a heat pump unless you want to significantly oversize the unit, it must be run in conjunction with a pool blanket/cover.

Gas – this used to be the go-to pool heating solution, but as the cost of gas has increased exponentially over the last few years, many people are looking at alternate pool heating solutions.

Our Solar Pool Heaters

HeatSeeker strip matting

Product Features:

  • Inexpensive to install
  • Economical to run
  • 25% more water flow through the elliptical tubing than any other strip matting system. More water flow = 30% quicker heating

Product Warranty:
10 year warranty on collectors; 2 year warranty on fittings, pipework and workmanship.

Product Characteristics
Versatile: can be sculpted to fit on any roof type and run across multiple sections of roof

SunTuf rigid solar collectors

Product Features:

  • Cockatoo resistant
  • Hail and wind resistant
  • High water flow; quick heating

Product Warranty:
15 year warranty on collectors; 2 year warranty on fittings, pipework and workmanship.

Product Characteristics
More durable and multiple panel sizings to choose from.

HeatSeeker pool heat pumps

Product Features:

  • All-year round heating, no matter what the weather
  • No roof space required to effectively heat your pool
  • Can be integrated or run independently of your filtration system

Product Warranty:
Depending on the unit you choose to install, the warranties are 30 years on heat exchanger and either 10 years on compressor and 2 years on the evaporator and all other components.

Product Characteristics
  • Ideal for those with limited roof space who want to effectively heat their pools.
  • Quiet operation.
  • 30-50% higher efficiency than conventional heat pumps (ie. it uses 30-50% less power.
  • Come with a longer warranty than most heat pumps.
  • Has higher quality components than any other heat pump on the Australian market.
  • Considerably cheaper to run than conventional heat pumps

DualSun (hybrid pool heating and PV system)

Product Features:

  • Two-in-one pool heating and solar power system, ideal for homeowners with limited roof space who are keen to heat their pools simultaneously.
  • High quality modules that are 25% more efficient than standard solar PV.
  • Made in France, DualSun can be partnered with any inverter and battery storage brands.

Product Warranty:
25 year performance warranty; 10 year product warranty.

Product Characteristics
  • Unique hybrid solution that enables simultaneous pool heating and solar generation.
  • The water jacket that sits on the underside of each panel, cools the module, enabling greater panel efficiency.

How does solar pool heating work?

Most solar pool heating systems include:

  • Solar collectors – the pool water is pushed through black collectors, which heat the water straight from the sun.
  • Filter – this removes any debris such as leaf litter before the water is pumped through the collectors.
  • Pump – this circulates the water through the filter and collector and back to the pool. Learn more about how a solar heat pump work here.
  • Flow control valve – this device diverts pool water through the solar collectors.

The pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collectors, where it’s heated before being returned to the pool. You can either choose rigid panels or rubber strip matting for your solar pool heating system.
Solar pool heater collectors should ideally be oriented north, north-west or west. It’s best to choose a roof space with minimal shading if possible, though this isn’t as critical as it is with solar PV.

Supreme Lysterfield pool and pool solar heat system

Benefits of a solar pool heating system

If you’ve decided to install a solar pool heating system in your pool, there are many immediate benefits:

  • Extend your swim season by 4-6 weeks either side of summer.
  • Can cost less than $1 a day to run.
  • Increase water temperature by 5-8°C.
  • Most efficient way to heat a pool.
  • Almost zero carbon footprint.
  • Most popular form of pool heating in Australia.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly.

What size and type of pool heating system should I buy?

The size and type of pool heating system you should buy depends on a few different factors:

  • The size of your pool (litres).
  • How long do you want your swimming season to last.
  • Your desired pool temperature.
  • The region you live in (warm or cool climate).
  • The amount of available roof space.
  • The orientation and pitch of suitable roof space.
  • Whether or not you’re prepared to use a pool blanket/cover.

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