Solar Battery Storage

Everyone knows solar panels work during the day, but if you want to use your stored solar energy when the sun’s not shining, you need a solar battery. Solar battery storage allows you to be less reliant on the grid and can also offer you blackout protection in the event of a power outage.

Solar battery sizes vary from tiny (3kW; don’t bother!) to substantial (16kWh). The size battery you choose will depend on your energy usage profile, what you’re hoping to achieve and of course your budget. The most common type of solar batteries installed in Australia are lithium-ion and lithium-ion phosphate. When installed professionally, these are very safe and effective for storing power.

Most solar batteries need to be programmed so there’s a minimum amount of power left in the battery (ie. so they’re not fully discharged) but some allow for full discharge without damaging the battery or shortening its lifespan. eg. the SolarEdge Home Battery.

The Energy Experts take the hard work out of installing a solar battery storage system. Our consultative approach means we take the time to understand your current and future needs and properly size and professionally install a reliable high-quality battery storage system that’s guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment. We always organise a pre-installation site visit for solar battery installations to determine the best battery placement that complies with current Australian Standards and gives you maximum use out of your battery.

Benefits of Battery Storage

  • Use solar energy when the sun isn’t shining
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Get paid for excess power to the grid
  • Protection from black-outs
  • Lessen your household’s carbon footprint
Picture of a client standing and pointing to his battery storage

How Do Solar Batteries Work

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Home Solar Batteries

Store and Consume the Clean Energy Generated from your Solar Panels.

Solar Battery Cost

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Picture of a client standing and pointing to his battery storage