Home Solar Batteries

At the moment, the greatest shortcoming of solar power is that you need to use your solar energy at the time that it’s produced to get the greatest benefit. Not everybody can take full advantage of their system’s output. For example, a typical working family has higher usage early in the morning and in the late afternoon/evening.

Home solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular as a result of escalating electricity prices and reduced Solar Feed-In Tariffs (credits that are applied to your account each quarter for the surplus solar energy that you’ve sold back to the grid). This has been the biggest catalyst for the upswing in solar battery storage installations.

Is solar battery storage right for you?

Home solar battery storage will suit you if you have a minimum 4kW solar system and either:

  • you’re not home much during the day and/or you’re not able to program appliances so that you use the bulk of your electricity during the day.
  • your Solar Feed-In Tariff is much less than what you were initially offered and the credits you’re receiving aren’t covering as much of your bill anymore.
  • you want to reduce your dependence on the grid and be protected against blackouts.
  • you want your home to run on renewable energy as much as possible.
  • you want to slash your electricity bill beyond what a solar power system alone can achieve.

Our Solar Batteries

SolarEdge 10kWh Home Battery

Product Features:

  • High system efficiency (93.3%) – means more energy for the home and lower bills.
  • Smart energy ecosystem with 10kW of backup, EV charging integration and ability to substantially oversize your solar power system.
  • Wide range of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to choose from.

Product Warranty:
10 year unlimited cycle count

Product Characteristics
Compatible with SolarEdge optimised inverter technology, the SolarEdge battery offers a range of features that are all geared around future-proofing:

  • The ability to substantially oversize a solar power system without being affected by export limitation – even on single phase power – all without having to upgrade the original inverter:
    • with a 5kW inverter installed, you can have up to 21.65kW of solar and up to 30kWh of storage
    • with a 10kW inverter installed, you can have up to 28.3kW of solar and up to 30kWh of storage. You can’t do this with any other inverter/battery storage technology.
  • A complete solar and storage ecosystem. You have the one company for support, so there’s no finger-pointing if ever an issue arises. SolarEdge takes responsibility for the entire system.
  • You can either backup your whole home or essential single phase loads on a dedicated circuit. From 2023, you’ll even be able to plug in a generator to selected SolarEdge inverters, enabling you to fill your battery, even when the sun’s not shining.
  • Connect to any Virtual Power Plant (VPP), enabling you to get a better return on your battery storage investment
  • get the full 10 year warranty, without being penalised by the number of times you cycle your battery

Tesla Powerwall 2

Product Features:

  • High system efficiency (89%).
  • 14kWh of storage, including backup capability.
  • Join Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant (VPPs) to gain a faster ROI.

Product Warranty:
10 years

Product Characteristics
  • Tesla offers one of the largest storage capacities on the current market.
  • The Tesla app makes it very easy to see the flow of energy from your panels to your inverter, your battery, your home and the grid.
  • A Tesla Powerwall battery can be paired with any inverter.
  • You can either backup your whole home or essential single phase loads on a dedicated circuit.

What size solar battery do I need?

For households that can run heavy-duty appliances during the day, 10kWh of battery storage is usually ample for evening/overnight use. If you aren’t able to use much of your power during daylight hours, you might opt for a larger solar battery (a min. 14kWh battery would be advisable).

If you’re not sure how much of your overall consumption is during the day, you can work it out by taking a note of your meter reading in the morning (eg. 8am) and again late in the afternoon (eg. 5pm) for a number of days. This will tell you how much energy you’re consuming during daylight hours vs overnight. Most hybrid solar battery storage units are capable of storing between 10kWh-16kWh.

Benefits of home solar batteries

Reduce electricity bills – use your solar battery storage rather than relying on the grid.

Get paid for excess power to the grid – you will still get paid for sending excess power to the grid once your solar battery is full.

Protection from blackouts – never worry about a blackout again with your solar battery backup.

Lessen your household’s carbon footprint – do your bit for the environment.

We make installing batteries easy

The Energy Experts take the hard work out of installing a home solar battery storage system. Our consultative approach means we take the time to understand your current and future needs and properly size and professionally install a reliable high-quality solar battery storage system that’s guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment. Get in touch for more information or a free quote.