Greater Sydney – Testimonials for The Energy Experts

Greater Sydney – Testimonials for The Energy Experts

 We are delighted with our regular monthly electricity accounts, which have been slashed …

We recently installed a solar array system through The Energy Experts. The system was a dual purpose one: the panels on the roof of the walkway between our house to our barn are DualSun panels, which heat our swimming pool and also generate electricity to power our house and our Tesla Powerwall 2 battery. The panels on the northern and eastern faces of our barn roof generate power for our home and also fill our battery.

After we accepted the quote, The Energy Experts organised the installation quickly and efficiently. The teams who did the electrical and plumbing installations were very thorough and comprehensively cleaned up after themselves. We are completely satisfied with both aspects of the system. 

Our pool is a narrow, deep lap pool and the DualSun system has not only extended our swimming season but, because the pool’s depth meant that it did not warm much naturally during summer, it’s also made our ordinary summer use much more pleasant. 

We are delighted with our regular monthly electricity accounts, which have been slashed (this includes many kilometres of electric fencing).

We found the initial provision of information friendly and comprehensive, and the system’s monitoring app is incredibly useful. 

Overall, we are extremely satisfied customers and have already commenced exploring with The Energy Experts the possibility of installing an entirely off-grid system for a new house we are contemplating building.

Leanne Philpott
The Oaks, NSW

Solar Panel Installation - Port Hacking

 Have not been paying any electricity bills so far …

We have being getting Electricity Credits since we installed the LG panels and SolarEdge inverter, and have not been paying any electricity bills so far.

We couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again for all your help

Savio & Janis Lisboa

Solar Panel Installation - Port Hacking
Solar Panel Installation - Port Hacking

 Installation of all 40 panels was done on time as promised and in one day …

Five stars! Extremely knowledgeable people and great to deal with.

Installation of all 40 LG panels was done on time as promised and in one day.

Thanks guys. You did a terrific job and my system is performing exactly as promised/expected.

Kruno Irsak
Port Hacking

Solar Panel Installation - Port Hacking

 They were always happy to answer all my questions – nothing was too much trouble …

No more high electricity bills, with my new LG solar panels installed by The Energy Experts.

I would highly recommend this company if you are thinking of installing solar, knowing nothing about solar myself,  they were extremely helpful throughout the whole process, from the installation to setting up the internet monitoring.

They were always happy to answer all my questions, nothing was too much trouble.

Very satisfied with their service.

Tracey Hughes
Caringbah South

Solar Panels - Caringbah South

 Even in winter we’re receiving a credit from our retailer …

I found The Energy Experts to be a very knowledgeable and trustworthy company to deal with.

They were very patient answering all my questions in a timely manner and sending through multiple configurations and quotes as requested and their installation team did a terrific job installing our 9.9kW LG/SolarEdge system on our very steep roof!

We’re thrilled with the result we’re getting (even in winter, we’re receiving a credit from our retailer)!

Cameron Gillies
Camden Park

Cameron Gillies Solar Panels on Steep Roof Camden Park

extremely happy and performing better than expected and is meeting all of my needs …

I am extremely happy with my LG/Enphase/Tesla Powerwall 2 system. It’s performing better than expected and is meeting all of my needs.

The installation team you chose were very efficient, professional and courteous.

The Energy Experts were very patient with me, taking the time to understand my needs and design a system that met them. A company specialialising in entry level systems would not have been willing or able to do this.

I can highly recommend The Energy Experts.

Paul Tomkins

LG/Enphase/Tesla Solar Panel System - Cranebrook

Generating 75-85kW per day ……

We had a reasonable size electricity bill each quarter and decided we should cut the bill.

The Energy Experts did the sums for us and told us what we needed to do to get the bill right down which is why we’ve gone with this system.

We have only had solar in for about 6 weeks and even though it’s been winter we’re generating, on a good sunny day, about 75 to 85kW.

We couldn’t be happier. We’re expecting very little in the next bill.

Mick Plotecki

First full quarter electricity bill received and we’re in credit …

We couldn’t be happier!  First full quarter electricity bill received and we’re in credit!

We’d like to thank Caro from The Energy Experts for helping us choose the right system for our home, and for her patience and time spent explaining how solar works.  It was very confusing and confronting for us, but Caro was always available to chat to, even though we must have been driving her crazy with questions.

Our aim was to generate enough electricity to run two houses.  Our property consists of our 3 bedroom house and an additional house with 2 bedrooms where my Mum lives.  We also wanted to have excess electricity to feed into the grid and for future batteries.  We decided on a 20kW system, larger than what we were originally going to install, but with a total of 5 fridges, pool, 2 ducted air conditioning systems and all electrical appliances, a 20kW system was the way to go.  It’s a decision we did not regret.

The installers were very professional and left our home spotless.  They helped me download and log into the Solar Web app, and we could see what we were generating from Day One.

We highly recommend The Energy Experts to anyone that wants to use a company that is not only passionate about what they do and strongly believe in renewable energy like we do, but know what they’re talking about.

Quinn Family

Solar Panel & Battery System - Wilton

last quarterly bill was a third less from this time last year …

We’re almost 5 months in since the install was completed and we’ve already started to see savings. Our last quarterly bill was a third less than the comparative bill from this time last year. And that’s a winter bill with the worst solar generation conditions.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping us save. I feel we made the right decision following your recommendation and buying high-quality equipment.

Gordon Anderson

Solar Battery Storage
Solar Panel Installation

great to see the system generate a whopping 29.2kWh today …

We’re very happy with the solar installation. We’ve got the app up and running, it was great to see the system generate a whopping 29.2kWh today! Not sure how that compares with other 5kW systems but looking at our average household consumption of around 15kWh, it looks like we’re generating double … that’s great!

I’ll definitely be passing your details on to anyone we discuss solar with. Thanks again for the great service.

Ben Middleton

I chose your company based on you …

I would like to thank you for the excellent  support service you provided me. When l first decided to invest in solar panels, l did my research and l actually held off for a few months until you came along. I liked your approachable, friendly manner and that you took the time to explain how to get the most out of my system. l chose your company based on you.

I was very pleased with the installation and the service we received from start to finish. We’re really happy with our solar power installation and l thank you for everything.

Bev Bultitude
Sutherland Shire

Solar Panel Installation - Sutherland Shire

saved me a heap of time shopping around …

I was very pleased when I came across The Energy Experts at the Sutherland Home Show, as I was hoping to find one company to coordinate the installation of a multiple energy-saving technologies.

Not only did they provide me with a high performance solar power system – the most efficient in the world – they also arranged for a solar hot water system and a pool blanket to be installed for us. I found the whole process easy and it saved me a heap of time shopping around getting multiple quotes. I’d be very comfortable recommending The Energy Experts to anyone wanting a quality installation and who wants to save money on their electricity bill.

Stephen Lathlean
Barden Ridge

Solar Panel Installation - Barden Ridge
Solar Panel Installation - Bonnet Bay

converting sunshine into savings …

Going solar felt complicated when faced with choosing the type of panel and inverter, as well as the correct system size for our particular needs.  It had been a quagmire of technical stats, made even more confusing by rival brands spruiking their benefits, and sales people casting doubt about their competitors’ workmanship.

Then we spoke with The Energy Experts, whose knowledge and expertise simplified the entire process and allayed any of our concerns. They not only assessed the specific needs of our household, advising on the most suitable system components, but also recommended the best technicians to entrust with the electrical installation.

The Dunne Solar team are highly professional and passionate about solar. They arrived on the dot and carried out the neatest installation. We were up and running and converting sunshine into savings all in the same day.

It’s been six months since we went solar and we are confident in recommending The Energy Experts.

Angela & Jerome
Bonnet Bay

thank you for the professional service …

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you & your Company for the professional service in firstly, the way with your expertise we arrived at what we required for the solar system, followed by the supply & installation with no fuss or hick-ups , then teaching us how it all works.

We have no hesitation telling & recommending to friends & people who ask who/how well the job was performed.

Ken Button

Solar Panel Installation - Peakhurst

reduced our power bills by well in excess of 50% …..

After the presentation given by Carolyn at our Lions Club, I was convinced that now was the time to go solar, after considering viability for a few years previously.

One phone call to The Energy Experts set the wheels in motion for required system – a 3.2kW 12 panel system and a reputable installer available to complete the installation and take care of the government subsidy all within the following week. This included completing the notification to our power supplier so we could send our surplus to the grid with remuneration deducted from our power bills.

The installer arranged by The Energy Experts not only completed the installation in the one day, but spent the remainder of the day assisting me trim trees that would affect the panels’ efficiency.

Our system has reduced our power bills by well in excess of 50% and allowed us to run equipment during the day while producing our own free power. Equipment such as reverse cycle air con which we had previously only used 2 – 3 times per year due to cost.  Running the heat cycle of the air con during the sunshine hours in the winter has vastly reduced the use of our gas fired central heating system, saving big dollars in heating also.

Solar Panel Installation

We also do our laundry, ironing, and run the dishwasher during the day now. Previously we’d program the dishwasher and washing machine to operate during “off peak” overnight in order to save money.

All in all, we’re very satisfied with the whole experience, calibre of all involved, costs, and improvement to our lifestyle, with vastly reduced energy costs.

As the system is mounted on our flat section of roof, invisible from anywhere on the ground I’ve included a pic of me doing a 6 monthly clean of the surfaces.

Many thanks and regards,
Kevin Parkes

Sanden Heat Pump

installation went without a hitch … highly recommend ….

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks so much for your help with my Sanden Heat Pump.

I’m very happy with its performance so far. The installation went without a hitch and
the installer was quick, efficient and clean and took away the old heater
and packaging. Highly recommend.

Lester Bishop
Terrey Hills