Brendon and Alese Bovill from Jamberoo were told their roof shading issues would not be suitable for installing a solar panel system.

The Energy Experts designed and installed a solar system using LG NeON R solar panels and micro inverters. The micro inverters on each solar panel can operate independently so if one or more panels are in shade it doesn’t impact the remaining panels.

Brendon and Alese were paying $1,200 plus per quarter for their electricity but after installing solar they are in credit.

Transcript of video –

Brendon Bovill, Jamberoo – Well, it’s a fairly big home. It’s four bedrooms and then we’ve got a pool house, which has another room. We also have a swimming pool, of course.

It is a house that uses a considerable amount of power, even though there’s only two of us.

When we first moved here, we in fact inquired about solar and we did on two separate occasions but this was shortly after we moved and the people that came out said, I’m sorry, it just wouldn’t work because you do go into shadow in winter especially, fairly early in the afternoon. And they said it just wouldn’t pay.

Alese Bovill, Jamberoo – The first two quotes said not possible and then we went to a talk conducted by The Energy Experts and Caro said she could come out and look at our property and see if it was possible. 

Carolyn Lee, The Energy Experts – Realistically they don’t have that much shade but it travels across the roof at different times of the day and different times of the year. So when they heard about this optimized inverter technology, they’re like, all right, maybe we can install solar.

Wes Green, The Energy Experts – The use of micro inverters is important. Each solar panel can operate independently of one another, so if there’s any shade on aspects of the array or the panels it’s not going to impact the rest of them.

Brendon Bovill – Our bills when we first started, I think when they were at their worst, they were somewhere between $1,200 and $1,500 a quarter. Our last bill, which we got from them, we had a credit of $35, so it works. It works well.

Carolyn Lee – The client wanted the best that was available and LG NeON R panels are the best that are available. They also had a big electricity bill and limited roof space. They’ve actually got lots of roof space but where they wanted to place the panels meant that they could only have so many panels. Obviously if you want to achieve a given system size you need more efficient solar panels and that’s why they went for the best.

Alese Bovill – Oh, we’ve had lots of smiles lately because our last electricity bill we actually are in credit, which is wonderful. And I think the fact that we are harnessing this natural product up there, the sunshine, is very, very important. I think we should be using as many things as we can to help our planet be a greener place and a better place for future generations.

Bendon Bovill – We would be only too happy to recommend The Energy Experts, they’ve been fabulous to us.

Carolyn Lee – You can get around the shade issue if you have the right technology.

Brendon Bovill – And you’re not horrified when you get your electricity bills. It makes you a much more pleasant person (laughs).

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