Based in Kiama, The Energy Experts has literally completed thousands of solar panel installations across the Illawarra area and our clients are reaping the benefits of their high-performance solar systems with massive savings and some are even in credit for their quarterly power bills.

The Illawarra region is so diverse – from the escarpment and the beautiful coastline to the sprawling suburbs and the industrial port region to the green rolling hills of the hinterland our climate is one of the best for solar production.

Some of the reasons why our clients choose high-performance solar equipment –

  • They want to reduce their electricty bills as much as possible
  • They have limited roof space and want to maximise the size of the system they can install
  • Not wanting the headaches and hassles associated with have a system that’s not performing as it should, and
  • The more environmentally conscious hate seeing poor quality components end up in landfill prematurely

Whatever your reasons, if you want a high-output system that’s guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment, The Energy Experts are here to help.

One of our Illawarra customers, Neil Reay from Albion Park, hasn’t received an electricity bill since he installed his 6.7kW LG/Fronius system in 2018. In fact, he typically receives a credit from his energy provider. Watch the video of Neil’s interview and read about how happy our other clients in the Illawarra are here.

Sizing a solar panel system to your current and future needs and using high-performance solar panels and inverters is where The Energy Experts can help.

Our consultative approach means you get a system that’s 100% tailored to your needs. We’re very much a no-BS company. If your roof isn’t suitable for solar power, we’ll tell you. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing by clients.

Our Solar Panels for Home page can help you with your solar power research showing you why high quality solar panels are better than the cheaper versions, the importance of choosing the right inverter for your panels, Government rebates available, costs of solar systems and Green Loans that may be suitable for your circumstances.

Here are just some of the benefits of installing a solar panel system for your home –

Reduce your electricity bills and potentially receive a credit from your energy provider each quarter
● Produce clean, renewable energy straight from the sun, which is better for our environment
Limit your exposure to rising electricity prices
Low maintenance. In fact, it’s a set and forget if you buy high quality components
● Government incentives reduce the cost of your system by around 30%
Add value to your property when you are ready to sell

The Energy Experts make going solar easy by guiding clients on the right size and type of system for their needs and professionally installing high-output systems that are guaranteed to outperform and outlast conventional equipment.

Our installation teams have a breadth of experience and consistently receive positive feedback from clients.

Call us today – 1300 516 474  – for an obligation-free quote.

Caro & Wes, Directors, The Energy Experts - Illawarra area