SolarEdge technology is the way to future proof your solar needs as SolarEdge inverters can manage not only solar but your future battery storage needs.

Roof shading is also not an issue as SolarEdge allows for individual solar panel performance meaning if one or more of your panels are in the shade it doesn’t impact your other panels performance.

With one of the longest inverter warranties of 12 years and back to base monitoring of system performance SolarEdge customers not only are saving on their electricity bills but have the satisfaction of having high quality and reliable solar technology.

Transcript of video – 

Carolyn Lee – The Energy Experts – We’ve been working with SolarEdge for about five years and really working closely with the company for about three year now. We’ve installed hundreds of SolarEdge technologies around the Illawarra, the Southern Highlands and the Sutherland Shire.

John Osmond – 6.57kW System – Austinmer – We were in a low light area so it was always going to be tricky. The trees around the place just create shade particularly in winter time.

Quality was essential for us especially in low light areas like this where you need to know that you are getting the maximum output.

Carolyn Lee – With SolarEdge it’s 99.5% of the power that actually gets produced on the roof that gets converted into power you can use in the home.

Anne Sheridan – 6.6kW System – Kiama – I thought it was the best to go with the best available that produces the most electricity.

Carolyn Lee – What this means is that the system is going to produce more power over the longer term – it’s actually going to get you a better return on investment, even a quicker return on investment and more money saved.

Joe Pellegrino – 21kW System – Jamberoo – We only had two electricity bills since they installed it and the first one went down from about $2,000 to $29 and the second one was over Christmas so we used a lot of air conditioning and that one went down to $200.

Craig Bamford – 10.36kW System – Towradgi – The Energy Experts were very, very good in both supporting me from a technical point of view but also on-going monitoring of my system. They can monitor my system back at their base with the SolarEdge technology – it leaves me with peace of mind that the system is being optimized as much as possible and I’ve also got a second set of eyes monitoring the output and performance.

Carolyn Lee – With every system we get sent an alert if there is any sort of issue with the system.

Joe Pellegrino – Yes, it’s good to see the provider get the alert so I can have peace of mind – I don’t have to worry if something goes wrong it gets fixed before you even realise something has gone wrong.

Carolyn Lee – And if there is an issue, more often than not we can trouble-shoot it.

John Osmond – I choose The Energy Experts through recommendations. My experience with the team pre having it installed and post having it installed was excellent.

Craig Bamford – SolarEdge had a number of safety features which gave me peace of mind with my family.

Carolyn Lee – In the event of an emergency whether we had to shut down if the system detects any arcing then the system actually shuts down to 1 volt per panel so it is a safe system.

Joe Pellegrino – SolarEdge is safer, it’s safer for my family and everybody’s happy.

Carolyn Lee – What I think people like the most about SolarEdge is it’s warranty.

Craig Bamford – I think the warranty is important. You’ve just got to know you’ve got a back-up if something goes wrong.

Carolyn Lee – Our thoughts are if the company is prepared to offer that good a warranty then they are prepared to back it up.

John Osmond – It’s comforting to know that you’ve got that sort of security behind it.

Joe Pellegrino – It pays to invest in high quality technology, it lasts longer and it’s a lot more reliable. That’s why we went with SolarEdge.

 Anne Sheridan – It makes more power, it’s a safe system and it’s a trusted company.

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