Carolyn Lee and Wes Green from The Energy Experts explain why a higher quality solar panel system produces more power which in turn means you save more money and the return on your initial investment can be the same as a cheaper system which produces less power.

Transcript of video – 

Wes Green – I’ve been in solar for nearly 7 years and renewables for over 14 years and been in the electrical industry for over 20 years

Carolyn Lee – I’ve been in solar for over a decade so between the two of us we’ve got a fair bit of experience.

Wes Green – We’ve done literally thousands of installs across the Illawarra and we are really trying to push those quality systems.

Murray Smith (customer of The Energy Experts) – we chose a premium solution and it is a solution that I see will work in this particular environment which is quite a hostile environment, next to the coast.

Carolyn Lee – We have a lot of clients that live on the coast and corrosion is obviously a big issue for anyone who lives near the water.

Susie Crick, owner Planet Childcare, Coledale (customer of The Energy Experts) – I wanted something that won’t rust, that is non-corrosive, something that’s durable.

Carolyn Lee and Wes Green – You need to have a solar panel that’s not going to crack under those conditions and also a high wind loading environment as well and so we do tend to preference high quality components like LG because they come with a 25 year performance and construction warranty.

Susie Crick, owner Planet Childcare, Coledale – It absolutely makes sense to invest in solar because you’re saving dollars, you’re saving the planet, it’s a win win, it’s just good for future generations.

Alese Bovill, Jamberoo (customer of The Energy Experts) – It’s up to every individual, we can all contribute in our way, it’s important that we help the universe and make this a greener planet and leave it in a better position and condition for our children.

Craig Patterson, KDA Group, Bowral (customer of The Energy Experts) – As accountants we do numbers all the time and often we will see, that yes, you can’t explain to somebody that it is worthwhile upfront to pay a bit more upfront and then getting it back over a longer period of time rather than saving a few dollars now when you have to replace it in a much shorter time-frame. 

Susie Crick, owner Planet Childcare, Coledale – Oh, absolutely, pay peanuts and you get monkeys. You really have to spend a little bit more to get a good quality product to see you through.

Wes Green – When we show our clients the full calculations on the potential generation the system can make and the savings they can make it really is a no-brainer.

Peter Kennedy (customer of The Energy Experts) – Peter is holding his electricity bill – the one I am holding at the moment is showing over a  $300 credit for 90 days.

Carolyn Lee – I’d love to say that most people buy solar for purely environmental reasons as that was my whole rationale for getting into solar but most people are doing it to save money and we have clients who have zero dollar bills, we have clients who get a credit from their energy company each quarter.

Peter Kennedy – It was a minefield when I first started and the research that I came across from the CSIRO and Choice research about LG solar panels and we decided to go with LG panels and we have been absolutely gob-smacked with the success of them.

The Energy Experts were recommended to me by a number of friends of mine who have had excellent experience with them.

Carolyn Lee – One of the things that differentiates us from other companies is that we project manage the whole thing from gp tp whoa.

Wes Green – When people choose The Energy Experts they can trust that we will do a quality job from start to finish. As Caro mentioned, from the design phase, the installation, the Government rebate paperwork and the meter upgrade requirements.

Brendon Bovill, Jamberoo (customer of The Energy Experts) – Absolutely first class, they are incredibly efficient, they arrived one day, installed it virtually done. Everything was done, very neat, and it was up and running.It was just outstanding. I can’t speak more highly of them.

Susie Crick, owner Planet Childcare, Coledale – It was seamless. From the first phone call, through to actually having the solar panels put up on the roof, it all flowed really well.

Craig Patterson, KDA Group, Bowral – We choose The Energy Experts over a couple of other suppliers mostly because of the credibility we got from them.

Alese Bovill, Jamberoo – And they were very amenable and weren’t pushy but they worked out a way for us to have solar panels that are doing the job that we hope they would do. They’ve outdone themselves really.

Carolyn Lee – We definitely recognise that when you buy quality, you’re going to pay more for a product but if you’re going to pay more for a product and you want it competitively priced then we are definitely in the mix. So you get the best of both worlds. You get a local company, you get it professionally installed and you get it competitively priced.

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