Solar is no doubt one of the best investments that households or businesses can make, but lots of people choose to install solar panels for reasons beyond purely the financial. 

Many of us are concerned about the increasing impacts of climate change and we want to play our part in protecting the planet (there’s only one that’s habitable for us and other species, after all)!

One of the best ways you can do this is to generate your own renewable energy straight from the sun. Not only are you not buying coal-fired power during daylight hours, but you’re also feeding solar energy back into the grid, making it a cleaner and greener energy source.

If you buy high quality components that are built to last, the generation of your system far outweighs the embedded energy involved in producing the components.

Do keep in mind that it’s only if you buy high quality products that you’re helping the environment, because inferior quality products end up in landfill prematurely.

We get phone calls every week from people who’ve bought cheap and cheerful solar panel systems, who are looking to replace components. We’re big advocates for doing it once and doing it properly.

Lots of clients tell us they love the idea of greater self-sufficiency, where they produce and consume energy from their own bountiful and renewable source. Solar is awesome for this! Even on lowlight days, your system will still produce energy that you can use in your home. 

Plenty of people want to ‘stick it to the grid’ because they’re tired of the increased cost of electricity, but we’re finding more and more that the driver for many people is doing their bit environmentally. This is the whole reason that we (Caro and Wes from The Energy Experts) got into solar in the first place.

If you’d like to learn more about solar and how much of a positive effect it can have on the planet, as well as your hip pocket, please get in touch. We’d be glad to help.